Church Leadership

The Chief Administrative Director is Kim McKibben.  Our part-time minister retired in February 2015, and we have chosen to not replace this position at this time as we move forward utilizing our network of like-minded speakers during Sunday Service. The Board is dedicated to the growth of our church family, and we look forward to the next exciting chapter at Unity of Rockford.Board Members November 2015


Board of Directors (L to R): Jackie DeVries, Vice-President;  Kim McKibben, President;
Cindy Lawson, Treasurer;  Julie Thompson;  Bev Cicolello, Secretary;  Amber Thacker;  Joy Beatty
You can reach us by email at

Monthly Guest Speakers

Marge Orchard is a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) and the Prayer Chaplain Coordinator for Unity of Fox Valley. She speaks here at Unity of Rockford each month, and offers many classes throughout the year.  Ask Marge a question, and she’ll tell you the answer:  Prayer and Meditation. 

Tricia Alexander ( blesses us with her musical gifts every month when she visits us from Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock, where she serves as Music Ministry Creative Manager and Administrator.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful network of guest speakers to supplement our two regular speakers each month.  Recent Guest Speakers include:  Marypatriece Raupp, Pearl Tabbert, Tom Zuba, Therese Donlan Lee, and Dr. Timothy Hayes. Unity members Patricia Halverson, Kathryn Brown, Julie Thompson, Richard Brooks, Amber Thacker, Jeannine Snider and Addi (Donna) Addison have served as guest speakers over the past many months.

Unity of Rockford remains passionate about our path to “Christ Consciousness.” We seek speakers who resonate with our congregation. These individuals inspire and empower our members to their full potential; they fill us with enthusiasm and joy; they have a deep sense of personal integrity; and they are devoted to the practice of The Truth. These individuals are dynamic and engaging in personality, have vision, and serve us with wisdom and intelligence. We are blessed and grateful for all who participate in the living, growing community that is Unity of Rockford.